What if there were no pandemic, no great global lockdown, and you’re yet interested in home gardening?

What’s your most favorite thing to do at home? Aside from spending most of the time working online, doing some offline work makes me feel green and great. It’s something to love. A hobby. And one of the best ways to learn anything gardening is to go online.

Passion vine starts to bear fruits after over a year. This is my second attempt to really see the passion fruits coming out. The first (before the pandemic) was a failure.

I read this piece on NPR with great interest: Fearing Shortages, People Are Planting More Vegetable Gardens.

The AP has an interesting piece: Finding joy indoors in troubled times, one leaf at a time.

This is a live note I’m taking to keep up with the progress of my home setup project. I’m trying to cover from the start to understand how my new home is going to take shape with new pieces I’m going to fill in. Why I’m doing this? Well, it’s my very first home. I feel the ownership of creating a space for my family. It’s a small, flat home for four people: myself, my wife, and my two kids, Tom and Sophie. So are you ready to through what I’ve documented so far?

I’m a fan of IKEA. I’ve…

I’ve got a camera, and then I travel.

My journey into photography started world when my father gave me the first film camera for my longest distance flight to Europe from Asia. It was in 2004. Since then I fell in love in with photography. View my photographs on Shutterstock and my blog for some photos I share from my trips.

Check out some of my photos:

Why I love Bangkok

In this note, I’m trying to capture the development of the trends of photography. Worldwide, digital photography is getting more and more interesting, although the decline is the digital camera itself (although not smartphone camera).

Digital cameras: the future is mirrorless

Nikon Z6…

Must-Read Books about Cambodia

Falling in love with Cambodia? What’s a better way to delve deep into a country as fascinating as this once a glorious and war-torn country? Check out these books on all things Cambodia!

Nikon Lenses for Wildlife and Landscape

Are you looking for shooting sharp photographs of birds in the wild? Do you love documenting animals in the wild or the amazing natural scenery of the outdoors? Here’s a list of top 20 best Nikon lenses for wildlife and landscape.

Will Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras Be Future and Taking over DSLR?

Full-frame mirrorless will become the norm, and it will happen pretty soon

A List of Top 10 Best Folding Dining Tables

Typically, most folding tables are made of lightweight materials to further increase portability. Therefore…

Cambodia’s fastest Internet Provider

SINET provides an Internet connection speed of up to 150Mbps for both download and upload. Believe it or not, this is the highest speed Internet bandwidth you can have from this provider.

Meet 3 Cambodians behind an Internet Provider in Cambodia

FacebooKing Cambodia

This is an unedited interview I gave to Matt Surrusco of The Cambodia Daily.

How BookMeBus will revolutionize transportation in Cambodia

A startup founded by a group of young Cambodians, BookMeBus takes a small pride to transform the way travellers and passengers book their bus tickets with a few clicks.

Maya Gilliss-Chapman on…

Starting 2017, you’ll find some hand-picked stories from across the web that I want to share. The idea is simple. There are a lot of stuff on the Internet. Too much noise. My role here is to filter the noise and share with you only some of best things you should read.

Cambodia: tech startups and coffee culture

In May 1997 people in Cambodia could join the wider world through the Internet for the first time. Back then, the dial-up connection speed was 64Kbps, which allowed the Internet users to exchange email messages and surf web pages.

Urban Space Playground & Café in Phnom Penh

Urban Space Playground & Café is unique: a cafe…

Tharum Bun

A blogger since 2004. You can read my blog here at https://tharum.com/blog/. Currently I’m doing content marketing at https://kokitree.com/

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